What Are Twin Screw Pumps Used For ?

In industry, twin screw pumps are used for a variety of applications, from transferring hazardous liquids to moving viscous materials, twin screw pumps are commonly used for moving fluids and transferring chemicals in industries such as food processing, petrochemical products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and more. As their name suggests, these pumps have two screws that rotate […]

The Uses Of Screw Pump

Double suction pump

Screw pumps are widely used in food, metallurgy, papermaking, printing and dyeing, chemical industry, fertilizer, pharmaceutical and other industrial sectors. The screw pump is widely used in the transportation of water, wet sludge and flocculant liquid in sewage treatment plants because of its characteristics of variable amount transportation, strong self-priming ability, reversibility, and the ability […]

Common faults and treatment methods of twin-screw pumps

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Twin-screw pumps are widely used in petrochemical, marine pharmaceutical, and other industries due to their strong self-priming ability, a wide range of conveying medium viscosity, no pulsation, no shearing, etc. In the process of use, there will inevitably be failures that need to be dealt with. The common faults of twin-screw pumps and their solutions […]