Technological Analysis of Bitumen Transfer Pump

Process analysis should be carried out before the bitumen transfer pump ages the workpiece. The effect of vibration aging depends on the selection of the vibration aging process.

The metallurgical butterfly valve body is a structural part made of casting. The asphalt heat preservation pump has a complex shape, relatively large rigidity, many convex and concave surfaces, uneven wall thickness, large residual stress, and complex distribution. There are many shortcomings in the natural aging process in the past. Since the company started to adopt the vibration aging process in 2005, great progress has been made in product quality and production efficiency.

Years of practical experience in production show that: due to the complexity of the vibration aging process, it is necessary to carry out pre-vibration process analysis for box parts, and design and optimize vibration parameters to improve the effect of vibration aging. According to the process specification of vibration failure, the process analysis should be carried out before the aging of the workpiece in order to achieve the purpose of saving electric energy and working time.

First of all, according to the material, structure, process form, and process of blank manufacturing, the distribution of residual stress field of the box, dimensional accuracy requirements, working load, possible failure causes, and other factors of the bitumen transfer pump should be analyzed, and then decide the process line and key parts of the vibration aging.


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