The cause of the heating of the bitumen pump

Asphalt heat preservation pumps are made of ordinary materials and stainless steel materials. Bitumen pump generally adopts a leak-free full heat preservation jacket structure. According to the site conditions, heat mediums such as heat transfer oil, steam, and hot water can be used to heat the pump; its working principle is still driven by double-gear meshing. Because of the viscosity of the asphalt, the power of the generator is not enough to support the high-speed operation of the viscosity, and a series of heat generation causes are mainly as follows:

  1. The specific gravity of viscous asphalt exceeds that of the motor equipped with the bitumen pump. When purchasing an asphalt pump, it is recommended that the motor configuration be larger.
  2. If the sealing filler cover of the asphalt pump is pressed too tightly or the mechanical seal spring is adjusted too tightly, the cause of heat will also occur. When installing the oil pump, the spring compression of the gland or mechanical seal should be adjusted.
  3. The use range of the viscosity asphalt exceeds the design requirements of the high-viscosity pump, and the appropriate motor is selected according to the series type.
  4. The assembly quality of the pump is poor, there is friction and the motor and the pump shaft are not concentric.
    All of these can be eliminated during the quality inspection operation and analyzed one by one to find out the real reason for the overheating of the motor of the high-viscosity pump, carry out adjustment and maintenance, and prolong the life of the motor of the high-viscosity bitumen pump.


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