The difference in structure and advantages of internal and external gear pumps

internal and external gear pump

Gear pumps are divided into internal meshing and external meshing according to different meshing methods. As the name implies, external meshing gear pumps are the external meshing of a pair of meshing gears of the pump. Due to the different combination methods, the meshing gear pump and the external meshing gear pump in the Hengsheng pump industry are also quite different in terms of structure and advantages.

The structure of the external gear pump:

The external gear pump is mainly composed of a pair of gears supported by bearings, a casing, a front cover, a rear cover, etc., and the rotor turns in the opposite direction. The drive shaft extends out of the front cover and is sealed by a shaft seal.

External meshing also ensures good anti-wear properties, especially at low speeds. With a pressing force proportional to the outlet pressure, an internal seal is achieved, ensuring optimum efficiency.

The structure of the internal gear pump:

Internal gear pump is composed of front cover, inner rotor, outer rotor, pump body, main shaft, mechanical seal, bearing and other components. When transporting easily crystallized medium, the front cover and pump body can be designed with thermal insulation jacket, which can be melted by steam thermal insulation during operation.

The outer rotor has the function of driving the inner rotor. The rotation direction is the same. The crescent plate of the pump body and the front cover separates the suction port and the discharge port. When rotating, the suction port forms a negative pressure, and the liquid is sucked in. The rotor brings the liquid to the discharge port. The pump body is discharged by pressure, and the liquid delivery is completed.

The advantages of external gear pump:

The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, small size and quality, convenient manufacture, low price, reliable operation, strong self-priming ability, insensitive to oil pollution, and easy maintenance.

The advantages of internal gear pump:

  1. Smooth liquid delivery, no pulsation, small vibration and low noise;
  2. Strong self-priming performance;
  3. The correct selection of parts materials can transport a variety of corrosive media, and the operating temperature can reach 200 °C;
  4. The rotation of the inner and outer rotors is the same, the wear is small, and the service life is long.
  5. The speed of the pump can be appropriately changed to change the flow rate of the pump;
  6. It is especially suitable for the transportation of high-viscosity medium.

When choosing the meshing method of the pump for different media, it is necessary to consider carefully and choose reasonable, so that the pump can serve you better.


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