The main factors affecting screw pump life of service

There are many factors that affect the screw pump life of service.

The screw pump uses the back-and-forth rotation of the screw to absorb and discharge the liquid. Because of the mutual meshing of the respective screws and the tight fit between the screw and the inner wall of the barrel, it will be divided into one or many parts at the suction and discharge of the screw pump. Sealed space, these spaces will work continuously due to the rotation of the screw pump.


screw pump

New screw pumps have come out one after another, and the manufacturing quality of screw pumps and their supporting equipment has been significantly improved. Through long-term practice and exploration, the main factors affecting screw pumps’ life of service from the perspective of product quality are as follows:

1. Machining accuracy and surface finish of stator and rotor of screw pump;

This is the most important thing that affects the service life of the screw pump. If the surface is not smooth or clean enough, then in general, the service life of the screw pump will be reduced.

2. Temperature resistance, oil resistance, and air immersion resistance of stator rubber;

The stator rubber in the screw pump relies on these properties to perform related work. The stronger these properties are, the longer the service life of the screw pump can be.

3. Bond strength between stator rubber and metal jacket;

4. The straightness of the cavity of the screw pump stator and the rotor;

5. Selection of reasonable interference between stator and rotor;

6. Determine the reasonable speed of the rotor.


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