The main failure of the water pump

Reasons and solutions for water pump not producing water

(1) Insufficient irrigation and diversion Before the pump is started, the pump (including the water inlet pipe) should be filled with water, otherwise, the irrigation and diversion will be insufficient, and there will be air in the pump, so water cannot be pumped. It can be solved by filling enough water and exhausting the air in the pump.

(2) Air leakage in the water inlet pipe The air leakage mainly occurs at the connection between the water inlet pipe and the pump body. It is necessary to check whether the rubber pad in between is intact and to tighten the connecting bolts to block the air leakage.

(3) Blockage of the water filter head During installation and use, the water filter head is often blocked due to the suction of silt or weeds, leaves, and other sundries, and the water cannot flow out. At this time, the filter head should be taken out for cleaning and cleaning. In order to prevent clogging again, the filter head can be covered with a metal mesh to prevent debris from entering.

(4) Air leakage from the shaft (oil) seal The shaft seal is made of oil-resistant rubber. After a long period of use, it will wear out and cause air leakage. The operation can be resumed by replacing the shaft (oil) seal.


Reasons and solutions for insufficient and uneven water output from the water pump

(1) The voltage is too low If the voltage is low, the amount of water pumped will be less. It should be used as far as possible to avoid peak power consumption; at the same time, it should be equipped with large cross-section wires.

(2) Partial blockage of the water inlet pipe. The filter head or the pump body absorbs a small amount of debris to cause an insufficient water outlet. It can be eliminated by removing debris and dredging the pipeline.

(3) Excessive impeller clearance The size of the impeller clearance is affected by the conical mouth ring. If there is a large clearance, it can be adjusted appropriately, or the conical mouth ring can be replaced.

(4) Slight air leakage from the water inlet pipe or the shaft seal Check the connection and tighten the bolts; replace the shaft seal if necessary.

(5) The installation position is too high. The installation position of the water pump is too high, and the filter head is too shallow, which is easy to absorb air and causes cavitation; at the same time, the water lifting head will exceed the specified value that the pump can achieve. In this case, there will be insufficient and uneven pumping of the water pump.

The installation height can be lowered, or a pump with a higher head can be used according to the needs of the operation.


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