The role of condensate pumps in thermal power plants

The steam-water system of a thermal power plant is composed of a boiler steam turbine condenser high-low pressure heater condensate pump and feed water pump, etc. It includes steam-water cycle chemical water treatment and cooling system, etc. Water is heated into steam in the boiler and further heated by the heater Then it turns into superheated steam.

1. The function of the condensate pump is to boost the pressure of the condensate in the hot well of the condenser and send it to the heat recovery system. The function of the circulating water pump is to supply cooling water to the steam turbine condenser to condense the exhaust steam of the steam turbine. In the power plant, the circulating water pump also provides cooling water to the air cooler of the oil cooler, water cooler, generator, etc.

2. The function of the condensate pump is to pump out the condensed water in the condenser of the steam turbine from the hot well, and pump it into the deaerator through the heater. The steam turbine works to complete the cycle of steam and water, and the condensate pump of the small generating set is arranged in the condensate pit.

3. The condensate pump refers to the condensing unit. After the condenser recovers the working fluid, the effect of the chemical unit or the condensate fine filter device is the same. After the condensed water is treated for water quality, it passes through the condensate pump. Call back to the system again for reuse.

4. The driving mode of the boiler feed water pump is generally divided into two types: electric motor and steam turbine. The electric motor mostly adopts an AC motor, so the speed of the feed water pump is fixed, and the boiler feed water is adjusted through “throttling” adjustment.

5. In a thermal power plant, coal is burned in a boiler, and water is burned into steam. The steam enters the steam turbine, drives the steam turbine to rotate, and the steam that has done work enters the condenser. There are many pipes for cold water in the condenser to condense the steam. After turning into water, the condensed water is re-injected into the boiler through the condensed water pump and the feed water pump, and the above steps are recirculated.

6. The fuel is burned in the boiler to heat the water to turn it into steam, which converts the chemical energy of the fuel into thermal energy. The steam pressure drives the steam turbine to rotate, and the thermal energy is converted into mechanical energy. Then the steam turbine drives the generator to rotate, converting the mechanical energy into electrical energy.

7. The main condensate system of general reheating units has the following characteristics X 1. Set up two condensate pumps or condensate booster pumps with a capacity of 100%. One is in normal operation and the other is on standby. When the operating pump fails, the standby pump is chained to start.


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