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Twin screw pump

The best solution for high viscous medium transport

We are a leading twin screw pump manufacturer and supplier in China. Our advanced engineering capabilities allow us to develop customized solutions for your application, ensuring that your equipment is reliable and efficient.

strive for innovation

Twin screw pump manufacturer

Dalian Baosteel Metallurgy has a teem who has been consentrating on manufacturing of twin screw pump for over 20 years. we carried out a lot of technical research and development according to various working conditions, and have manufactured a variety of products for many different applications.

In addition to our comprehensive suite of standard models, we offer cost-effective custom designs for specific requirements.

Our pumps are designed to operate with minimum energy consumption, optimized performance and maximum longevity. We use genuine components to ensure your equipment operates safely and effectively while meeting the highest standards of reliability and safety. We also provide ongoing technical support services to keep your equipment running optimally.

Twin screw pump are the most ideal conveying pumps for high viscosity, gas-liquid mixed, and liquefied medium.

high viscosity transfer pump

If the viscosity of the medium to be transported is greater than 20 cst, do not hesitate to select our two screw pumps

Gas, liquid mixed transfer

If the medium to be transported does not allow mixing, or with gas, please select our two screw pumps

Our Typical double screw pump for sale

Horizontal general twin screw pumps, vertical screw pumps, sanitary twin screw pumps, screw pumps in the ship, petrochemical screw pumps, stainless steel screw pumps, and high-pressure screw pumps, as a twin screw pump supplier, we can provide these types of pumps for all kinds of uses.

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Very High Viscosity Material Transfer Pumps

The propeller is set in front of the screw sleeve, which greatly improves the requirements for the transportation of extremely viscous materials.

Suitable for the transfer of nearly immobile liquids.

Flow rate: 2~20 m3/h
Inlet pressure: -0.05~0.8 MPa
Outlet pressure: 0.1~4.0 MPa
Medium temperature: -20~200 ℃
Medium viscosity: up to approx. 5 million mm2/s
Speed: 50~300 r/min
glue pump, Food Pump,Dairy Pump, multi screw pump, honey pump, positive displacement,Glycerin Pump

hygienic twin screw pump

Corrosion-resistant materials; all parts meet food hygiene standards; unique combination of packing seal and ceramic-plated journal, the performance and service life of the seal are ahead of similar products.

Especially suitable for transporting viscous food and chemical media

1 High-efficiency transport of high-viscosity PVA, polyester, aramid fiber, spandex,etc.
2 Chemical: glycerin, cosmetics, shampoo, toothpaste, soap, titanium dioxide, ink, paint, white glue, etc.
3 Food: conveying chocolate, dairy products, syrup, honey, beverages, etc.
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Oil-gas-water multiphase pump

γ-shaped asymmetric high-sealed and high-wear-resistant spiral curved surface, easy to replace wearing parts and seals, equipped with mechanical seal forced lubrication and cooling system. Simple maintenance and long service life.

Twin-screw pump For Oilfield

Flow rate: 20~1000m3/h
Inlet pressure: ≤1.6MPa (max: 2.5MPa)
Outlet pressure: ≤4.0MPa (max:6.0MPa)
Gas content: ≤98% (max: 100%)
Pressure ratio: ≤18 (max:20)
Medium temperature: 20~200℃
High Temperature Oil Pump Suppliers

high temperature liquid pumps

High temperature resistant materials, metal bellows mechanical seal and unique cooling cycle design, stable performance and no leakage.

Transport high temperature liquid, liquid containing hot gas and a small amount of solid particles.

It is often used in oil refining, coking and other industries to transport high-temperature oil, asphalt, etc.
Double suction pump

Double Suction Screw Pump

Transport various lubricating and non-lubricating media (including various dirty oils, etc.), media of various viscosities.
Can realize forward and reverse work

Double-suction structure of twin-screw pump

1. Can be used as oil delivery pump in tank area, fuel delivery pump and so on.
2. It can be used as marine loading pump, main engine lubricating oil pump, cargo oil pump, etc.

Twin screw pump manufacturing expert

A team of senior engineers with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Independently develop and design of energy-saving screw pumps with professional intellectual property rights. We manufacture the pump according to requirements of customer, and we can do OEM for you.

Quality is life

The factory has a number of professional CNC production equipment. From processing and assembly to quality inspection, it is strictly controlled in accordance with international first-class standards to ensure the best product quality.

Multiple Superiority over other pumps

The most ideal conveying pumps for high viscosity, gas-liquid mixed, and liquefied medium.
1. Wide Range Viscosity And Property.
2. Stable pressure, no pulsation, no stirring, energy saving.
3. Heat preservation. Suitable for high temperature, corrosion, abrasion.
4. Can convey lubricating and non-lubricating mediums.
5. Low noise and long serve life, self priming screw pump.

How can you benefit from using a twin screw pump?

Get a perfect solution for high viscous, gas- liquid mixed medium transfer.

Improve your productivity and efficiency. Safer and less lossy transportation.

Save Total Cost And Improve Working Environment

Energy-saving Case


Pre-sales consulting

We recommend suitable products according to the actual needs of customers, and we can do OEM for you.

Strict quality control

All performance indicators of products are strictly tested, and the professional QC team controls each process.

After-sales service

We promise that we can unconditionally solve any quality problems with the pumps sold. 

Custom screw type pump for Your Business

1. Please help us to provide your parameters or drawing:
1) Conveying medium
2) Viscosity of the medium 
3) Inlet pressure
4) Outlet pressure
5) Flow 
6) Medium working temperature

We will work on the best solution according to your requirements and drawing.

3. Approve for Mass Production and we will handle the shipment.

Let us meet all of your needs on screw pumps

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