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The best solution for high viscous medium transport

We are a leading twin screw pump manufacturer and supplier in China. Our advanced engineering capabilities allow us to develop customized solutions for your application, ensuring that your equipment is reliable and efficient.

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Twin screw pump manufacturer

Dalian Baosteel Metallurgy has a teem who has been consentrating on manufacturing of twin screw pump for over 20 years. we carried out a lot of technical research and development according to various working conditions, and have manufactured a variety of products for many different applications.

In addition to our comprehensive suite of standard models, we offer cost-effective custom designs for specific requirements.

Our pumps are designed to operate with minimum energy consumption, optimized performance and maximum longevity. We use genuine components to ensure your equipment operates safely and effectively while meeting the highest standards of reliability and safety. We also provide ongoing technical support services to keep your equipment running optimally.

Twin screw pump are the most ideal conveying pumps for high viscosity, gas-liquid mixed, and liquefied medium.

High Temperature Oil Pump Suppliers

high temperature liquid pumps

Transport high temperature liquid, liquid with hot gas and solid particles.

high-efficiency pump

High Efficiency Pump

the mechanical efficiency of conveying is the highest, and the energy-saving effect is good

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Oil-gas-water multiphase pump

Twin-screw pump For Oilfield

Simple maintenance and long service life.
Double suction pump

Double Suction Pump

Double-suction structure of twin-screw pump

Transport media of various viscosities. Can realize forward and reverse work

twin screw pump working principle

Twin screw pump is a type of positive displacement pump (PD pump) that feature two rotors that intermesh, creating a tight seal and allowing fluid to move between them. They are commonly used for pumping of viscous materials such as oils and slurries. The twin screws create a powerful suction force which draws the liquid into the pump body, where it is then forced out under pressure.

Total Performance range of Our Product

1. Total flow range: 0.1~1000m3/h
2. Total pressure range: 0.1~8.0MPa
3. Viscosity of medium delivery: ≤ 5000000mm2/s (the higher the viscosity, the higher the efficiency of pump delivery, and the more energy-saving and efficient)
4. Medium delivery temperature: -40~450°C

How can you benefit from using a twin screw pump?

1. Get a perfect solution for high viscous, gas- liquid mixed medium transport.
2. Improve your productivity and efficiency. Get a safer and less lossy transportation.
3. Minimal maintenance and upkeep
4. Save Total Cost And Improve Working Environment

What are the advantages of twin screw pumps?

1. efficiently transport extremely high viscosity medium

Twin screw pumps have a wide delivery viscosity range. And when transporting high-viscosity media, it has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving and low failure rate, and can transport chemical materials with extremely high viscosity;

2. low noise and long service life

In the twin-screw structure, a certain gap is always maintained between the helix and the helix, and between the helix and the bushing, without direct mechanical wear.

3. Work in high temperature, corrosion, abrasion and other occasions.

The pump can be designed as an insulated, sealed cooling system.

4. transport lubricating and non-lubricating media.

Because when the external structure is selected, the transmission system of the pump is independently lubricated and does not contact the conveyed medium.

5. Stable conveying, no stirring and no pulsation.

The screw pump performs axial translational motion on the medium, so it transports the medium smoothly without pulsation, and is suitable for conveying those liquids that are easy to vaporize, high-viscosity materials, and media that require self-priming.

6. gas-liquid mixed transportation and liquefied gas transportation

The pump can use different materials to transport materials with different properties, and can transport gas-liquid mixture and liquefied gas.

7. energy saving and consumption reduction

The pump can realize flow regulation under constant pressure, is suitable for frequency conversion control, and has a remarkable effect of energy saving and consumption reduction.

twin screw pump applications

Twin screw pumps are used in many industries due to their unique design and ability to handle abrasive and viscous materials. Twin-screw pumps are mainly used to transport high viscous liquids, such as chemicals and oils, but they can also handle sensitive media, such as paints and suspensions, and can also transport mixed vapor and liquid, such as multiphase pumps for oil-gas mixed transport, transporting beer, etc. Since they are self-priming, twin screw pumps allow the user to operate without the need for an external power source. 

Common application industries of twin screw pumps

1) Food and beverage industry

The food industry involves the transportation of many high-viscosity media, so twin-screw pumps are often used as delivery pumps, such as handling thick syrups, jams, chocolate, cheese curds, honey, beer, heavy cream, dairy processing and other viscous soft drinks.

It also includes the transportation of edible oil, seasoning, starch, yeast liquid, soybean protein, xanthan gum, etc.

2) Petroleum industry

Twin-screw pumps are also particularly useful in industries that pump kerosene pitch and other petroleum additives, such as in coking plants, refineries, for heavy oil, crude oil, asphalt, coal tar, diesel, gasoline, fuel oil, grease, lubricating oil, petroleum additives, Transportation of various resins, etc.

The twin-screw pump is also the most ideal pump for conveying coal-water slurry. Its service life is longer than that of the single-screw pump, and it can also transport the medium smoothly and without pulsation under high temperature and high pressure conditions.

3) Petrochemical industry

Twin screw pumps are used in chemical processes that require precise metering, and in the chemical industry where high viscosity materials are handled, such as petrochemicals, glass glue, molasses chemicals, etc.

Conveying cosmetics, glycerin, sorbitol, soap, shampoo, facial cleanser, toothpaste, slurry, titanium dioxide, white glue, paint, ink, latex paint, various high-viscosity materials, polymers.

4) Ship and automobile industry

Twin screw pumps are increasingly popular in the automotive and marine industries, where they excel at handling suspensions and high viscosity media required for fuel systems and lubricant additives. They are also used to move high-pressure oil in automobile diesel.

5) Oil field

Twin-screw pumps can be used for water-gas-oil mixed transportation and crude oil transportation in oil field development.

6) Metallurgical industry & thermal power plant & hydroelectric power plant

They are ideal for applications such as lubricating systems, hydraulic systems, lubricating oil transfer in injection combustion systems.

7) Paper mill

Commonly used to pump pulp, adhesives, additives, etc.

8) Chemical fiber industry

The twin-screw pump can efficiently transport high-viscosity PVA, aramid fiber, spandex and other stock solutions. It can also transport media such as viscose and polyester.

9) Pharmaceutical industry

Conveying syrup, health care products, pharmaceuticals, etc.

The best pump for viscous fluids

Twin screw pumps are the most suitable pumps for conveying viscous fluids. In the process of conveying this kind of medium, the twin-screw pump shows excellent energy-saving effect.

Twin-screw pumps can completely replace other products, such as pumping high-viscosity fluids instead of centrifugal pumps and sliding vane pumps. We know that when the viscosity of the medium conveyed by the centrifugal pump exceeds 20cSt, the efficiency will drop sharply, while the screw pump still has high efficiency even when the viscosity of the conveyed liquid reaches 1 million cSt, especially the extremely high volumetric efficiency. Therefore, the higher the viscosity of the conveying medium, the more consideration should be given to choosing a screw pump to achieve the purpose of saving energy and reducing consumption.

How to choose the right pump

Pump selection requires some technical parameters. The parameters must include the flow rate, the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet, and the viscosity of the medium. In addition, it is also necessary to provide information such as the working temperature of the medium and whether the medium is corrosive or abrasive. After the customer provides the above parameters, the selection work can be handed over to our engineers

Why do we need these parameters to choose the pump?

Custom twin screw pump for Your Business

1. Please help us to provide your parameters or drawing:
1. conveying medium (         )
2. Viscosity of the medium (         ) (m㎡/s)
3. Inlet pressure: (          )MPa 
4. outlet pressure: (            ) MPa 
5. Flow : (              )m³/h
6. Medium working temperature:

We will work on the best solution according to your requirements and drawing.

3. Approve for Mass Production and we will handle the shipment.

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