Twin-screw pumps for conveying adhesives and sealants

What is the best pump for adhesive?

High-viscosity materials usually need to be conveyed by screw pumps. It can effectively handle high-viscosity materials, such as paste, jelly, asphalt, paint, glue, etc. And it has good self-priming ability and wears resistance and can operate under high pressure and high temperature. Choosing the right pump model and material can ensure the safe and efficient delivery of high-viscosity materials.

The adhesive is a substance with very good adhesive properties. Acts to connect objects by surface bonding through adhesion and cohesion.

Sealants are also known as sealants; sealing materials. It is based on high-quality materials, a material that deforms with the shape of the sealing surface, is not easy to flow, and has a certain degree of adhesion. In the static joint parts of various machines, it can prevent the intrusion of external impurities and the leakage of internal substances, and it is a material with good sealing performance.

Adhesives and sealants generally have the characteristics of high viscosity and poor fluidity and are easily adsorbed on the inner wall of the pipeline during transportation, causing a blockage. Therefore, for the transportation of this kind of medium, pumps with reliable performance should be selected. At present, the screw pump with strong adaptability is generally used in the market to pump glue, and its unique working mode of transportation can effectively transport glue liquid without clogging.

The food-grade twin-screw pump is a special pump for conveying adhesives and sealants. It is an externally engaged screw pump, which uses two screws that mesh with each other and do not touch each other to pump liquid.

The twin-screw pump is a positive displacement pump, and the suction chamber in the pump should be tightly separated from the discharge chamber. Therefore, the clearance between the pump body and the outer surface of the screw and the gap between the screw and the screw should be as small as possible. At the same time, the screw and the pump body, and the screw and the screw form a sealed cavity with each other to ensure air tightness.


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