Types Of Reciprocating Pump

A reciprocating pump is a typical positive displacement pump. The reciprocating pump is mainly composed of a pump cylinder, a piston (or plunger) and a suction and pressure water valve.
Its work is to rely on the reciprocating piston in the pump cylinder to change the volume of the working chamber, so as to achieve the purpose of suction or discharge. Since the movement of the main working parts of the pump cylinder is reciprocating, it is called a reciprocating pump.

The type of reciprocating pump is mainly determined by the form of the cylinder, the power and transmission mode, the number of cylinders, and the arrangement of the cylinder.

Types of Reciprocating Pumps

1. According to the structure

a. Piston type: piston ring seal, large flow, low head
b. Plunger type: large sealing length, small flow, high-pressure head

2. According to the driving mode:

a. Direct acting: gas, liquid, and steam actuated.
b. Motorized: electric motor, diesel engine drive
c. Manual: human-driven

3. According to the centre line of the pump cylinder:

a. Horizontal: the centerline of the pump cylinder is parallel to the installation plane
b. Vertical: the centerline of the pump cylinder is perpendicular to the installation plane

4. According to the effective itinerary:

a. Single acting: two strokes, one suction, one discharge
b. Double acting: two strokes, two suctions, two discharges
c. Differential type: two strokes, one suction, two discharges

According to the structural characteristics, the types of reciprocating pumps for oil mines can be roughly classified as follows

  1. According to the number of cylinders: there are single-cylinder pumps, double-cylinder pumps, triple-cylinder pumps, four-cylinder pumps, etc.
  2. According to the mode of action, there are two types: but-acting and double-acting.
  3. According to the arrangement of the liquid cylinders and their mutual positions: there are horizontal pumps, vertical pumps, V-shaped pumps, star pumps, etc.
    Usually, different types of pumps are distinguished by the above main characteristics of the pump, such as single-cylinder single-acting vertical piston pump, double-cylinder double-acting horizontal piston pump, triple-cylinder single-acting piston pump, etc.

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