Use of positive displacement pump

Hydraulic pumps are the heart of every hydraulic system, and they have many unavoidable responsibilities that help improve system performance. Pumps play an important role in converting mechanical energy into useful hydraulic energy. You can find a variety of hydraulic pump types for a variety of applications. Based on displacement, pumps are mainly divided into positive displacement pumps and non-positive displacement pumps. Non-positive displacement pumps produce continuous flow. However, they do not prevent slippage by providing a reliable seal inside. In positive displacement pumps, slippage is negligible. Most hydraulic systems will use positive displacement pumps instead of non-displacement pumps.

1. Use of positive displacement pump:

​​The advantage of positive displacement pumps compared to other types is lower initial and operating costs. These pumps are suitable for high-viscosity applications. The system will get constant flow regardless of pressure changes. Simply put, these pumps are used in applications that require precise flow. Applications for positive displacement pumps include high-pressure washing, spray/cleaning, water treatment, oil production, irrigation, fuel transfer and jetting, beverage dispensers, and more. The chemical and food industry, hygienic, pharmaceutical and biotech applications all take advantage of positive displacement pumps.

2. Application field of twin screw pump

The twin-screw pump is used for a wide range of viscosity, and the conveyed medium is stable. The viscosity of the medium it transports is as low as liquefied gas transportation and as high as toothpaste-like medium transportation that is close to solid. Not only that, because the screw pump moves the medium in axial translation, it conveys the medium smoothly and without pulsation, which is suitable for conveying those easily vaporized liquids, high-viscosity materials, and media that require self-priming; during the conveying process, double screw pump also shows excellent energy-saving effect.

Due to the non-contact of the spiral profile, the twin-screw pump not only overcomes the defects of easy wear and ageing of the rubber bushing of the single-screw pump but also overcomes the problems of the contact between the profile and the bearing and the medium of the three-screw pump. Our company has also carried out a lot of technical research and development according to various working conditions, forming our company’s unique twin-screw pump products, which are widely used in the market.


Crude oil transportation, oil and gas mixed transportation, polymer transportation, used as a multiphase pump.


Transport heavy oil, crude oil, asphalt, fuel oil, grease, lubricating oil, petroleum additives, gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, various resins, etc.


Coal tar, coal tar transportation. The twin-screw pump is also the most ideal pump for conveying coal-water slurry and has a longer service life than the single-screw pump.

Chemical fiber

Transport liquids like viscose, polyester, etc. High-viscosity PVA, aramid fibre, spandex and other raw solutions have high efficiency.

Chemical industry

Transport liquids like glycerin, sorbitol, cosmetics, shampoo, facial cleanser, toothpaste, soap, washing powder slurry, titanium dioxide, ink, paint, latex paint, white glue, various high-viscosity materials, and polymers.

Food industry

Transport liquids like Chocolate, milk, dairy products, fruit juice, jam, pasta sauce, syrup, honey, beverages, condiments, vegetable oil, soybean protein, xanthan gum, starch, and yeast liquid.


Transport syrups, health products, pharmaceuticals.


Transport pulp, adhesives, auxiliaries, etc.


Used as lubricating oil pumps, fuel oil transfer pumps, and cargo oil pumps.

Oil depot terminal

Used as unloading oil pump, and loading pump.

Thermal power plant

Used as heavy oil transfer pump, and heavy oil fuel oil pump.

Hydropower plant

Used as a lubricating oil pump.


Used as lubrication pump, oil supply pump, fuel injection pump, water-glycol and other delivery pumps.

In short, the twin-screw pump can efficiently transport various high and low-viscosity media, especially media that do not allow stirring and media that are easy to vaporize and can achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction. The twin-screw pump can also convey the medium smoothly and without pulsation under the conditions of high temperature and high pressure. The excellent characteristics of twin-screw pumps have become more and more recognized.


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