The Uses Of Screw Pump

Double suction pump

Screw pumps are widely used in food, metallurgy, papermaking, printing and dyeing, chemical industry, fertilizer, pharmaceutical and other industrial sectors. The screw pump is widely used in the transportation of water, wet sludge and flocculant liquid in sewage treatment plants because of its characteristics of variable amount transportation, strong self-priming ability, reversibility, and the ability to transport liquids containing solid particles. . The screw pump is the mainstream equipment in various industrial productions. It can transport complex media that ordinary pumps cannot handle, such as mud, waste, sewage, slurry, etc. Stability, can maintain pulsation-free transport, is fairly reliable transport equipment.

Screw pumps are classified according to the number of screws.

Single screw pump – a pump in which a single screw is engaged and rotated in the internal thread groove of the pump body.

Twin-screw pump – a pump in which two screws are meshed with each other to transport liquid.

Double suction pump

Three-screw pump – a pump in which a plurality of screws are meshed with each other to transport liquid.


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