Vertical centrifugal pump

Vertical centrifugal pump is a centrifugal pump with vertical structure, which can be divided into single-stage centrifugal pump and multi-stage centrifugal pump. Vertical centrifugal pumps are favored by most users because of their stable operation, low vibration, low noise, and easy installation and maintenance.

Applicable media

To pump clean liquids with low viscosity (eg clean water).


Vertical pipeline centrifugal pump for conveying clean water and other liquids with similar physical and chemical properties to clean water, suitable for industrial and urban water supply and drainage, high-rise building pressurized water supply, garden sprinkler irrigation, fire pressurization, long-distance transportation, HVAC refrigeration cycle.

Bathroom and other hot and cold water circulation pressurization and equipment matching, the operating temperature T is less than 80 degrees Celsius.

Working principle of vertical centrifugal pump:

The mechanical energy of the prime mover is transferred to the liquid by the action of the rotating impeller on the liquid. Due to the action of the centrifugal pump, when the liquid flows from the inlet to the outlet of the impeller, its velocity energy and pressure energy are increased. The liquid discharged by the impeller passes through the pressure chamber, and most of the velocity energy can be converted into pressure energy, and then transported along the discharge pipeline. At this time, a vacuum or low pressure is formed at the inlet of the impeller due to the discharge of the liquid, and the liquid in the suction pool is pressed into the inlet of the impeller under the action of the liquid surface pressure/atmospheric pressure, so the rotating impeller is continuously Aspirating and expelling fluids.


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