Water Injection Pumps – Classification, Selection and Management

There are two main types of injection pumps: centrifugal pumps and reciprocating pumps. The reciprocating pump can be divided into a booster pump and an ordinary pump according to the inlet pressure and can be divided into a clean water injection pump, sewage injection pump, and polymer injection pump according to the medium.

1. Selection requirements

(1) Reciprocating pumps should be selected for small displacement water injection pumps, and centrifugal pumps should be selected for large displacement water injection pumps. If there is a reciprocating pump with suitable parameters and suitable cost performance, the reciprocating pump should be used first; otherwise, the centrifugal pump should be used.

(2) When injecting polymer, a reciprocating pump with a stroke of less than 100min-1 should be selected.

2. Management requirements for water injection pumps

(1) Not only care about the operation of the water injection pump but also pay attention to the efficiency of the water injection system. When the pressure loss of the pipeline is large, a booster pump should be considered at the end.

(2) When conditions permit, several water injection stations can be networked, and a frequency converter can be used to adjust the displacement of one pump in one of the stations, and the other pumps work at full load’.

(3) Due to the high pressure of the water injection pump, attention should be paid to the reliability of safety devices, such as overpressure alarms, pump stops, pressure relief, etc.


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