What are the characteristics of the mechanical seal of the pump?

1) The sealing performance is good, the leakage of mechanical seal is generally 0.01-5ml/h, according to special requirements, after special design, the leakage of manufactured mechanical seal is only 0.01ml/h, or even smaller, while the leakage of packing seal is 3-80ml/h;

2) Long service life, generally above 8000h;

3) The friction power is small, only 20%-30% of the packing seal;

4) There is no relative movement between the shaft, the sleeve and the seal, and no friction will be generated, so the service life of the shaft and the sleeve is longer;

5) The sealing surface of the mechanical seal is perpendicular to the pump axis, and the seal will be displaced at any time when the pump shaft vibrates, so when the vibration is within a certain range, it can still maintain good sealing performance;

6) The mechanical seal relies on the pressure of the sealing fluid and the action of the spring force to keep the sealing surfaces of the static and dynamic rings in close contact, and relies on the spring force to compensate for the amount of wear. Therefore, once the deployment is appropriate, the pump generally does not need to be adjusted frequently during operation. Easy to use, less maintenance workload;

7) It has a wide range of working conditions, and can be used in high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, high speed and strong corrosion conditions;

8) It is inconvenient to troubleshoot and replace parts, and it can only be repaired after parking;

9) The structure is complex, the assembly precision is high, and there are certain technical requirements for assembly and installation;

10) High manufacturing price


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