What are the unique advantages of the twin-screw pump?

1) The conveying liquid is stable, with no pulsation, no stirring, small vibration, and low noise.

2) The twin-screw pump has a strong self-priming performance. When multiphase is mixed, the gas content is not higher than 80%, and the sand content is not higher than 80%. 500g/m3.

3) The external bearing structure of the twin-screw pump adopts independent lubrication, which can transport various non-lubricating media.

4) Driven by synchronous gears, the two rotors do not contact each other, even if they are idling for a short time.

5) The body of the twin-screw pump is equipped with a heating jacket, which can transport various clean or low-viscosity, or high-viscosity solid particles containing small particles. Medium (generally the particle diameter is less than 0.12-0.2mm)

6) With the correct selection of materials, it can even transport many corrosive media.

7) Double suction structure, there is no axial force on the rotor.

8) The shaft end adopts a mechanical seal or bellows mechanical seal, which has a long service life, less leakage, and a wide application range specialty.


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