What are the unique advantages of the twin-screw pump?

transport lubricating oil, twin screw pump

Stable Liquid Conveyance

The twin-screw pump ensures smooth liquid flow without pulsation or stirring, resulting in minimal vibration and low noise.

Strong Self-Priming Capability

It has excellent self-priming performance. It can handle multiphase mixtures with gas content up to 80% and sand content up to 500g/m³.

Independent Lubrication for Bearings

The external bearing structure uses independent lubrication, allowing the pump to transport various non-lubricating media.

Non-Contact Rotors

Synchronous gears drive the rotors without them touching each other, even during brief idle periods.

Heating Jacket

The pump body includes a heating jacket, enabling it to transport clean or low-viscosity liquids, high-viscosity liquids, and media containing small solid particles (particle diameter less than 0.12-0.2mm).

Material Selection for Corrosive Media

With appropriate material selection, the pump can handle many corrosive media.

Double Suction Structure

The double suction design ensures there is no axial force on the rotor.

Durable Shaft End Seals

Mechanical seals or bellows mechanical seals at the shaft end provide long service life, minimal leakage, and a broad application range.

These features make the twin-screw pump highly versatile and reliable in various industrial applications.

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