What fluid is suitable for a double screw pump to handle?

chocolate pump, chocolate transfer pump

Double screw pumps are suitable for handling viscous liquids, such as syrups, pastes, honey, coatings, paints and glues, etc. Compared with other pumps, they are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Twin-screw pumps can also transport high-pressure, high-temperature, and high-speed liquids. They can operate at low temperatures and high pressures without leakage inside the pump. Twin-screw pumps are not suitable for liquids containing large particles, as these particles may get stuck between the screws, causing damage to the pump.

In what fields are double screw pumps mainly used?

1. Oilfield: used as multi-phase mixing pump and crude oil pump for oil, gas, water, tiny solid particles, etc.

2. Shipbuilding industry: used for ship loading pumps, bilge cleaning and sewage treatment, main engine lubrication pumps, and fuel oil pumps.

3. Petrochemical industry: Double screw pumps are used as loading and transportation pumps for various resins, pigments, paraffin, paints, inks, latex, various oil products, crude oil, heavy oil, etc.

4. Thermal power plant: used as heavy oil, crude oil pump, and main engine lubricating oil pump.

5. Food industry: used as alcohol, honey, syrup, juice, animal and vegetable oil, milk, soy sauce pump.


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