What Is An Eccentric Screw Pump?

Eccentric Screw Pump

The eccentric screw pump is a screw pump with only one screw in the pump. The screw is usually called the rotor, and the screw bushing is called the stator.

The eccentric screw pump is a positive displacement pump. Its working principle is to use the relative movement between an eccentric screw (rotor) and a fixed bush (stator) to form a series of sealed chambers to move the liquid from The suction side pushes to the discharge side.

Eccentric screw pump is characterized by stable conveying medium, low turbulence, weak pressure pulsation, small mechanical vibration, low noise, good self-priming performance, insensitivity to medium viscosity, simple and compact structure, high efficiency, reliable operation, long life, etc.

1. It can transport liquids with high viscosity and contain solid particles or fibers, such as sewage, mud, paint, food, etc.

2. Its flow rate is directly proportional to the speed, and it can realize step-less variables by adjusting the speed.

3. Its flow is stable, the pressure pulsation is small, the noise is low, the vibration is small, and the impact on pipes and valves is small.

4. It has a strong self-priming ability and can be started directly without a bottom valve.

5. It has a simple structure, a small footprint, convenient maintenance, and long service life.

Eccentric screw pumps are widely used in petroleum, chemical, papermaking, food, pharmaceutical, construction, environmental protection, and other fields. They are a new type of pump with high efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection.


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