What is the purpose of using a fixed displacement pump?

A fixed displacement pump is a hydraulic pump in which the volume of oil discharged by the pump (ie displacement) is fixed when the pump shaft rotates one revolution. The structure is simpler than the variable pump, and the application is wider.

The working principle of fixed displacement pump:

It is a kind that can meet the needs of various strict technological processes, and the flow rate can be controlled steplessly within the range of 0-100%. A special positive displacement pump is used to transport liquids (especially corrosive liquids). The different parts of the hydraulic cylinder, it is divided into two categories: plunger type and diaphragm type (hydraulic diaphragm type, mechanical diaphragm type). Its transmission form is an N-shaped sliding shaft structure, the motor drives the lower sleeve through the worm screw and worm gear, the N-shaped shaft and the eccentric block rotate, and the plunger makes a linear reciprocating motion through the connecting rod and the cross-head; when the valve is opened and closed Under the action, the purpose of absorbing and discharging liquid is achieved.

A fixed displacement pump can be used in magnesium alloy melting/holding furnaces and can supply magnesium alloy liquid quantitatively for die casting.


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