What is use of screw pump in ship?

Screw pumps are used in many places in the shipping industry. Most of them are twin-screw pumps or three-screw pumps, which are used for unloading and transporting fuel oil. They are used for high-pressure pumps for various deck machinery, main lubrication oil pumps, diesel engine lubrication oil pumps, etc. Single screw pumps are generally used for sludge transportation.

1. Fuel transmission

The ship’s fuel system requires a screw pump to deliver fuel. The screw pump has high delivery capacity, low noise, easy maintenance, and can ensure the stability of fuel delivery.

2. Lubricating oil transmission

Screw pumps also have good applications in lubricating oil transmission. Compared with other pumps, screw pumps can ensure high pressure and high stability in lubricating oil delivery, and can also prevent leakage.

3. Heavy oil heating system

Heavy oil needs to be heated before it can be pumped, and heavy oil heating systems on ships require the use of screw pumps. The screw pump has a large conveying capacity and high heating efficiency. Proper use can also avoid the generation of oil residue.

4. Air conditioning cooling water circulation

The air conditioning system on the ship requires the use of screw pumps to deliver cooling water, which can ensure the operational stability of the entire system. Screw pumps can also avoid pipe blockage.


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