What rules should be paid attention to when transporting screw pumps?

Pay attention to the corresponding lifting tools and the rules that should be paid attention to when lifting equipment. The pump can be transported in wooden boxes or specially packaged according to the user’s wishes. If transported by sea, protective forms and packaging forms that are resistant to seawater and ocean air must be used. Generally speaking, the protection period of ordinary packaging boxes is 30 days (including the time during transportation). If weather conditions are bad, the period will be less than 30 days. Hoisting during transportation When lifting is required during transportation, the hook should be hooked at the position marked on the packaging box. Hoisting during transportation In order to prevent parts from being damaged or packing errors after transportation, please check the pump/unit according to the packing list immediately after receiving the goods. Immediately notify the manufacturer or supplier of any transportation damage.

1. The pump/unit must be transported carefully by qualified personnel to avoid violent impacts.

2. During transportation, the direction of the pump/unit should be maintained and packaging instructions should be paid attention to.

3. The pump inlet and outlet should be closed during transportation and storage.

4. Packaging materials must be disposed of in accordance with local regulations.

5. Lifting equipment (such as forklifts, cranes, spreaders, pulleys, slings, etc.) must ensure its strength and be operated by qualified personnel. The weight of the pump or pump unit is given in the datasheet.

6. The lifting points of the pump or pump unit must be firm, such as the pump body, flange or base.


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