Why are screw pumps used for heavy oil?

A number of companies have signed twin-screw pump projects for heavy oil, dirty oil and other working conditions, with an amount of several million. Why do heavy oil and dirty oil choose twin-screw pumps? What are the advantages?

In oil refining, refining plants, tank farms, etc. in heavy oil and dirty oil storage and transfer conditions, the oil products are diverse, the materials contain impurities, and the viscosity range and temperature are not fixed. The solid content is relatively sensitive, and the twin-screw pump is an ideal pump type for conveying various viscous media due to its structural characteristics and adaptability to system changes, so it is completely fine for conveying heavy oil, dirty oil and other media.

The application of twin-screw pumps in heavy oil, dirty oil and other working conditions requires extra attention to the selection and configuration of the pump. Heavy oil and dirty oil may contain impurities, and the viscosity range is relatively wide, ranging from several Ries to several thousand Ries. etc. Twin-screw pumps have better versatility and can just meet such working conditions. The pump body of the twin-screw pump is designed with a thermal insulation jacket, the gearbox and the bearing are externally lubricated independently, and will not be affected by the conveying medium.

Application advantages of twin-screw pumps in the storage and transportation of heavy oil and dirty oil

1. When loading and unloading, the flow range is wide, and the change in the flow rate can be controlled by the speed-adjusting and variable-frequency motor.

2. It can transport mediums with different viscosities of oil products in different tank areas.

3. The double-screw pump double-suction structure has a strong self-priming function.

4. It can be circulated between oil tanks and oil tanks.

5. Compact structure, saving space, and different working points ensure high efficiency.

6. The structure of the pump ensures low pulsation and low noise during operation.

7. For different working conditions, twin-screw pumps with different specifications can choose a wide range of helical sleeve leads.

8. There are many options for the installation method and the direction of the inlet and outlet of the twin-screw pump.

9. Safe and reliable operation, stable performance, long service life and low operating costs.

10. Driven by synchronous gears, there is no contact between the rotors of the twin-screw pump, allowing short-term idling.

Twin-screw pumps are currently sold well at home and abroad. The epidemic situation has not affected the sales of twin-screw pumps, which also shows its value in the fluid transportation industry. It is not only suitable for lubricating oil, heavy oil, and dirty oil but is also used in various In a variety of harsh working conditions, such as high pressure, high viscosity, oil and gas mixed transportation, offshore platform skid installation, etc.


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