Why is the three-screw pump noisy during operation?

The quality of the three-screw pump in the production process directly affects our production efficiency. Efficient and stable operation is what we want, but as the service life of the three-screw pump increases, there will often be various problems during operation: problems such as high noise and vibration of the three-screw pump.


Analysis of the reasons for the high noise and vibration of the three-screw pump:

1. The inlet pipe is too long, the pipe resistance is large, and the pump produces cavitation.

2. No measures have been taken at the insertion end of the inlet pipe, resulting in “bottom suction” with the bottom of the fuel tank.

3. Foreign matter in the pipeline is sucked in, scratching the screw or bushing and other components.

4. The pipeline design is unreasonable. There are too many sharp turns at the exit end, and the liquid exhibits water hammer.

5. The base and the foundation ground are not fixed.

6. The pipeline is not properly supported, and the weight is pressed on the pump, generating additional force.

7. The outlet pressure is too high, exceeding the rated value.


Common processing methods:


1. Try to shorten the inlet pipe to reduce resistance.

2. The bottom of the inlet pipe should be cut into a 45-degree bevel to avoid bottom suction.

3. Disassemble and polish to the precision requirements, and then reinstall; if not, please return to the factory for repair.

4. A welded elbow should be installed at the turning of the pump outlet, and a tee should not be installed as much as possible.

5. After the base and the ground are aligned, fix and press them tightly.

6. The pipeline should be equipped with an independent support frame, and the weight of the pipeline should not be pressed on the pump.


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