Reasons why the twin-screw pump does not feed or feeds less

screw pump not feed

Twin-screw pump is a kind of positive displacement pump, which is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, shipbuilding, food and other industries. If the twin-screw pump is suddenly not oiled during use, there are often the following possibilities

1. The placement position is reversed.

One is that the inlet and outlet are reversed, and the other is that the positive and negative poles of the motor are reversed. Just adjust the inlet and outlet or rewire the motor to solve it.

2. The valve is closed.

Before starting the twin-screw pump, the valve on the pipeline must be opened to ensure the smooth flow of the pipeline, otherwise the liquid will not pass through.

3. The oil suction pipe is not immersed in the liquid or the suction height is too high.

Although the twin-screw pump has a self-priming function, it must be ensured that the inlet oil suction pipe is immersed in the liquid, and the inlet height should not be too high, otherwise, it will cause air suction and the pump will run idly, and long-term idling will easily wear out the parts of the pump.

4. The screen area of the filter is too small or the number of meshes is too large.

Such a situation will lead to the problem of less oiling because the filter area is too small or the number of meshes is too large, which will cause the inlet resistance to increase, the pump will be more laborious when self-priming, and the oiling will be less.

5. The inlet pipeline is leaking, or the safety valve is stuck or leaking.

Check each joint of the pipeline and seal it with a good sealing material. The safety valve needs to be dismantled and cleaned and the leaking part should be sealed.

6. The viscosity of the conveyed material changes.

Originally, it is selected according to the viscosity at a given temperature. If the viscosity becomes thicker, it will indirectly increase the resistance of the pipeline, which will lead to difficult self-priming and less oiling.


The bearings of the twin-screw pump are divided into external and internal. How to choose depends on the characteristics of the conveying liquid. For liquids with poor lubricity and fine impurities, choose external bearings. The external bearings are independently lubricated with grease and are not affected by the conveying medium.

The twin-screw pump is properly selected and can transport media in various working conditions. It is widely used. In the oil field industry, it is mainly used as a crude oil delivery pump and a multi-phase mixed delivery pump; in the shipbuilding industry, it is mostly used as a marine loading pump and a stripping pump. , lubricating oil pump, fuel oil pump; petrochemical industry, can transport resin, pigment, paraffin, especially, ink, latex, various oil products, etc.; food industry, can be used as alcohol, honey, syrup, fruit juice, animal and vegetable oil , milk, slurry oil delivery pumps, etc.


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